Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it’s only appropriate that I mention
something about gratitude.   I went to a class last week and this intelligent profound teacher from JWRP, an organization I’m involved with, spoke about gratitude and her words, have been in my head ever since.  Because the lesson I was taught was so
meaningful, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share it with you.

So, here it is, my teacher, Chana Heller’s view on gratitude.  I’m sure you will be left thinking the same thing as me after you ponder the message.

I hope I do your lesson justice, my dear teacher and friend.  
Here goes.
First of all, close your eyes.  Now open them.  Take a look at your hands.  Really look.
What do you see?  I see lots of wrinkles and ugly veins, old knuckles and a bad manicure.  Now, close your eyes again.  While your eyes are closed, I want you to
imagine that you have no hands.  Poof.  Gone.

Your hands are no longer a part of your body.  Close your fists and imagine trying to take the blankets off of you in the morning. You have stumps where your hands once were.  Now go into the bathroom and try to brush your teeth.  How are you going to get the toothbrush into the crux of your arm?

Would you even be able to squeeze the toothpaste?  You can’t make breakfast for your children, you can’t write a letter to a friend and… you can’t light Shabbos candles on

Now, open your eyes.  Look at your hands.  Really look again.  Tell me, what do you see now?  I see my hands creating the dough for my Shabbos challah.  My hands can write my feelings out on paper.  My hands can make music and feel the heartbeats of my children. My hands are amazing.  My hands are beautiful.  I am grateful for my
hands.  I’m sure you are too.
Isn’t it funny how our eyes see can things so differently so quickly.  I guess you get the point.  Gratitude is about how we choose to look at things.  This Thanksgiving, I am going to promise myself to acknowledge the things I often take for granted and pay close attention to the very things that most deserve my gratitude.

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