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May 2014

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Life Changes Sometimes life changes and we love it. Sometimes life changes and we hate it! We may not want things to change. We may not feel ready. We may…

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Have you ever just loved a shop or a boutique so much that each time you entered the door you felt like you were visiting family?  Well, that’s how it…

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My House Needs New Paint.

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Waking up this morning is just like every other morning. The bedside alarm clock begins its loud, obnoxious buzzing. It’s only 6:15 a.m. I reach my tired arm over, turning off the alarm clock, flipping the switch, allowing for fifteen more minutes of restless sleep. I just realized it’s Monday, not one of my favorite days of the week. Okay, I say to myself, it’s time to begin. My first conscious thought of the day; I need to wake my son up from his slumber. Hurriedly, I jump out of bed and race down the stairs to my son’s room.   I switch on his light. “It’s time to wake up,” I gently say to Joe, as his dark bedroom suddenly becomes a beacon to the foundation of the day. I carefully survey my son for a much-needed moment. I can’t help but notice how tall he has gotten. I stare at his feet pushing through the blanket. They are huge. He is sixteen, a junior in high school. When did he become so big? It seems like he just had his Bar Mitzvah. And, yes, and I still have to wake him up. So it goes. I glance at his...
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