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July 2014

Read Me First.

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It’s a warm day, the air is dry and I know it’s summer. It’s pretty much just another day. This feels really good to me. I am so grateful when things are just easy. No issues, no gossip, no hurt, but calm and quiet. So, as I sit here thinking what to write for my next blog, something hits me to go onto the computer and start looking in my “FINDER” section, searching for a subject that I had put away for another time. And, this moment would be another time. I open up “FINDER” and the first thing I read is this: “!!! README FIRST.txt !!! README FIRST.txtlook.” Now, I have seen this message many times before but never really thought much about it. Frankly, I did not care what “!!! READ ME FIRST.txt!!! README FIRST.txtlook.” had to say as I believed I had already figured out the computer on my own. Besides, what if this file was contaminated? This had been a deliberate choice. Twice a week, I look in the “FINDER” section, seeking stored away ideas, and twice a week I read the same words. Weird, but I never bothered to open the file. It’s been a...
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Hurt people hurt people, A spoke in the pattern of life. Generation after generation after generation. But I choose to cease the pain, end the legacy. I will befriend anger with…

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I have been reading up on the benefits of cucumbers and this is the best article I have come across.  Real simple.  Just the way I like it. ​16 Superb Health…

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