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August 2014

Hansel And Gretel

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We are in the midst of August. The humidity is unbearable, at least for me. And it’s in this moment I stop, catch my breath and suddenly realize that this summer has provided me a greater challenge than others. Back in the day, the end of the school year meant the beginning of summer fun. When the children were little it was pretty easy as they would go to summer school or camp. They needed to be occupied throughout the day and it was my job to make that happen. Summer was supposed to be free time, pleasure and laughter. I would arrange extra play dates, which often were twice as exhausting as those during the school year, due to the heat and unavailability of friends who escaped on vacations, so schedules sometimes failed to coincide with the playmates. But it all seemed to work out. The children were happy. There were swimming lessons, soccer, barbeques, concerts in the park, 4th of July and family vacations; a vast immersion of experiences. And from my recollection, they got along pretty well. But when live-in and live-out children occupy the same space after not being around each other for months at a...
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Decisions, sometimes difficult. Right.  True.  Honest. Fair. What if it I make the wrong choice? Listen to my heart. Be still. Silence my mind. Feel my peace. I have made…

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