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It has taken almost two months to find the words to describe the liquid of sadness that has been running through my veins. It began after a restless night’s sleep. I awoke on Tuesday morning, July 12, 2014 to the sound of the news programmed on the television to CNN at 7:00 a.m. I heard a familiar name that automatically made me smile as the flash of a face with physical expressions and words had been unforgettable. Within this image, a corny thought of a young man popping out of an egg in the home of a young woman who eventually fell in love with this alien overtook my heart. Yes, it was a funny image and a comfortable one. The sit-com, “Mork & Mindy,” was unforgettable as were the relationships between the characters. For a moment, I wished an egg would drop into my home with a creature that made me laugh and loved me unconditionally as this alien loved the human no matter where he landed. What a fantasy! I had to splash water on my face to wake up. I did not really focus on the words of the news reporter’s voice as I was in a...
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I was driving down Pacific Coast Highway the other day.  The top was down and my hair was blowing through the wind of the hot sun.  Instantly, my attention went…

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Yesterday, Tomorrow and Today I remember yesterday, ​ when sadness enveloped my being; Deep, dark, disturbing. Sadness of the past, mistakes I made,  wishes that did not come true. I look…

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