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October 2014

The Leap Of Faith.

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Decisions are not easy to make, especially when one is fearful of the impending outcome. The choices we make today will ultimately bring about a change tomorrow; it’s the not-knowing-what’s-going-to happen after making the decision that is terrifying. Lately, I have been fixated on what faith really means. It is defined as a belief or trust in someone or something. It is the personal willingness to take a chance without knowing the outcome. It makes sense. To have faith, you must have trust. I had been feeling a bit at my wit’s end and on the cusp of allowing myself to spiral downward due to my inability to live with the stifling fear of impending change. It occurred to me that I needed empowerment to make changes within myself. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a journey which would become the most “out of the box” experience for me. I would be poised to face fear and allow it to inspire me, rather than defeat me. The flickering light within would fight to become a steady flame. The time had come to move beyond my comfort zone and make a better “me.” It happened when...
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