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February 2016

I am living in such gratitude, as this week a friend of mine trusted me enough to allow me the opportunity to share her work with you on my website. I am honored and excited to introduce to you a wonderful friend, a wonderful woman and a wonderful writer, Stacy Parker.

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Happy Birthday, Alyssa

By: Stacy Parker

This week my daughter, Alyssa, would have been 21 years old. I have lived far too many years without her. She died when she was only two years, two months old. I can’t help but wonder how I have managed to survive living without her. Actually, I am not even sure most of the time how I did. Unfortunately, you can’t will yourself to die; life just doesn’t work that way. Believe me… I have tried.
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By:  Stacey Marcus Believe that you are brave and you will find courage. Believe you are strong and you will be empowered. Believe you are smart and will find mindfulness….

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