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Have you ever been to sleep away camp?  Well, I never had until Campowerment, just a few weeks ago.  It was then I found out that camp isn’t just for kids.  This three and half day excursion, devised for women, by women, definitely deserves the highest degree of recognition.
​ Campowerment is set on a hilltop 800 feet above the Pacific Ocean in Malibu.  The view is nothing less than riveting and this is where my experience began.  This is where I made a right turn instead of a left.  This is where I learned to take a leap of faith.
Upon signing in, I was welcomed by some amazing women, ready to take me to new heights.  The scenery provides a tranquil place for imagining, dreaming and self-exploration. I don’t want to give too much away about this awesome place because it could hinder your experience.  One thing I can tell you, this is not a day at the spa, in fact, it’s anything but.  I’d call it a spiritual spa; more like a place where women can reignite the flickering candles within their soul.  
​ The theme of the camp is “ME TIME.”  And, it’s so appropriate. You see women, such as myself, generally, don’t get enough “me time.”  We are so busy taking care of everyone else, we really do forget about ourselves and our needs usually come last.
So, for three and half days, it was all about ME and about a hundred and fifty other women.  I found a place where the cackling noises in my head would stop.  Campowerment is a place where women can bond easily without worry of fitting in or looking “the part.”  These few days teaches us that it’s time to embrace yourself, trust your gut and have the courage to go beyond your comfort zone and dream.  It’s about laughing and having some good old fashion girl fun and girl talk.  There are campfires, a ropes course, opportunities for team-building and independent challenges, journaling workshops, dance parties, vision board-making, massages, yoga sessions, and expert-led discussions on topics from spirituality to body image to how to give yourself a wardrobe makeover.   Most workshops, seminars, circles and break out sessions are held outside, on a mountaintop, the edge of a cliff or around the crackling campfire.  This is where women learn about living our dream or asking for what we want.  There are even classes teaching us how to leverage our lady power. 
There’s nothing like watching the sunrise over the ocean while practicing breathing exercises (didn’t know I forgot how) and yoga at 7:00 in the morning on top of a mountain.  This is definitely one of thrills of camp.  And, I can’t leave out the best part, the ROPES.  I’m not going to talk too much about them because I’d surely ruin your experience.  All I can say about the ROPES is, Go For It…take The Leap Of Faith!  
Campowerment is an amazing out-of-the-box experience I wish for all women to have. The friendships and bonding that are created become everlasting. Thanks to the magnificent leaders, this is where I got inspired to make the changes I need to feel better about myself.  I laughed, I cried, I grew and I was able to shed the coat of fear that weighed me down.
If you are looking for an “Ah Ha” moment and dare to reach beyond your immediate grasp, then simply sign up for this amazing weekend adventure!  Campowerment, you rock!
​CAMPOWERMENT ℅ Joan Leader 1115 Redwood Street, Hollywood, FL  33019. 
​Telephone:  305.965.7561  Email: 

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