Dear Chance, I Miss You.

By September 8, 2016thoughts

The morning glory, just waiting for you to arrive
Children smiling, laughing, hearts racing
Skipping school A gentle yelp we heard as Lucy pushed
With all her might And with your first breath
A soft whimper Greeted with unconditional love
Chance became your name The patter of your first wobbly steps
Trying to catch the ball But your mouth was so small.
Chasing birds and eating grass In all your spender,
Snuggling under the covers, long walks
I know you understood our words You were love And we loved
you Our best friend, our confident’
Time passed Life happened The evening glory, the sun went down
Children crying, tears falling, hearts pounding
We held on, praying for one last breath A soft whimper As we
said goodbye And now, Dear Chance, I miss you so.

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