By September 15, 2016blog

I remember when I was a child and so enjoyed playing the game of connecting the dots by number until the lines formed a full and brilliant picture.  Watching the once hidden shape emerge gave me joy as an image developed just from knowing the order of simple numbers!  As I played Dot-to-Dot, I felt like I was a part of a mystery adventure and giggled when a form started to appear as I kept guessing what the outcome would be. If I was wrong and my predictions were incorrect, I have to admit, I felt a little disappointed that the dots of the puzzle could fool me!  I remember feeling so frustrated when what I thought was supposed to be an elephant turned out to be rhino instead.  Oh well, now it was time to color in the empty spaces and make the Dot-to-Dot page come to life.

When I think about this as an evolving woman, I realize that life itself is like the Dot-to-Dot pictures of my past.  Just as the numbers connect to create something with its twists and turns, the purpose of our lives still seems unclear to us. However, what appeared as random dots could be compared with the random events of life as they fall together with profound meaning we so unexpected.  In other words, we begin to get a better view of our direction which was once a puzzle, but suddenly becomes clear and boundless. As well, we realize that maybe what we thought was a big mistake is really a lesson learned and part of a bigger plan and its detours lead us home to our own souls. Going further, the more frustrated we get trying to figure it out, the more we trap ourselves in the mystery.

Just like the Dot-to-Dot puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, maze, and many other mental games we enjoy, we begin to realize, as time goes on, that everything seems to fall into its rightful place.  Life teaches us step-by-step, Dot-to-Dot, that all of its pieces fall together for each of us differently giving us our own individual meaning.

The only choice we have is to create a plan, just as we do when we create a puzzle, beginning with the outside pieces first and working our way with the shapes, colors, and images that will complete the task.  Doesn’t that sound like life as we push, push, and push for a desired result when we are frustrated that we can’t find an outcome immediately?  What is going to happen? Where are our dots leading us?

Surrender to the process and trust your instincts as the dots will not give you the shortcuts, but instead will allow you to develop into a satisfied, healthier being by accepting the fact that the pieces will fall into place!  They always do.

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