Happy “Renaissance Day”!

By September 2, 2015blog

Here I am, once again, celebrating another year of being lucky enough to still be a part of this wonderful earth and its all challenges and splendors. However, today I had an epiphany about the words that have been used forever to recognize and celebrate the day of one’s birth into this world. The only day that is an “official” birthday is the date on the calendar into which one is brought physically into the world through the body of their mother. At this point, it is up to the workings of some miracle that procreates the human race through the union of a man and woman who have been given the biological power to make a new life.

Just pondering the day of one’s birth brings me to some food for thought about the anniversary of the annual celebration we loosely call a “birthday.” After being around for over a half century of birthdays now, I have reached the opinion that birthdays are not just annual affairs but are days when we have been given the gift of another year of life. Perhaps, it is a day of introspection within ourselves in that it is our task in life to give “birth” or beginnings to become what is potentially the personality of what we have and will become as we age. In fact, the best “birthdays” of all should be those that have not arrived yet! We are not celebrating the “specific day” we are born, but the ability to look ahead, pleased to look behind, and count each year with a grateful mind and hope of achieving our utmost potential. In other words, the celebration is more like a “renaissance” or rebirth and a day to look ahead as an opportunity to not only celebrate our birth but a chance to celebrate our accomplishments and future aspirations.

Time passes quickly, and our culture looks at aging as a taboo. What a shame! Women, especially, are consumed with the process of yearly aging and trying to hide laugh lines and wrinkles stamped on our foreheads created simply by being a human being. But, I have to admit, I actually don’t mind becoming another year older because I now know that with age comes experience and the ability to reflect on the adventures, risks, and lessons that have gotten me to where I am today.

Yes, we all deserve a day to allow others to focus on our existence; however, I want to look at this as just one aspect of having a Renaissance Day as each year I can continue to grow and rebirth myself and focus on self appreciation as well as attention for a short period of time. Moreover, this is not to say we should not be with those to whom we share love, but it should only be a part of the celebration. I suggest that this should be a time to reflect on the journeys we have taken and evaluate where we want to go. Take time to consider the choices we have made and how our lives, family, friends and health have been impacted. In this way, what we call a “birthday” becomes a significant personal time to see where we are and where we are going.

In the meantime, party hardy as this is about all of us! But remember, be true to yourself after the wine and song and continue the journey with a new outlook on where you are going!

So to myself and all the other birthday girls out there, “Happy Renaissance Day!”

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  • Monica DeMoulin says:

    Happy Renaissance Day!! Love your take on the old Birthday concept. I too, find that a birthday is a great time for introspection and plans for the coming year. Especially since my birthday (Sept 10th) usually falls on or very close to Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year when we reflect on ourselves and how we intend to make the next year even better. Perfect timing! Love to you and best wishes for not only a Happy Birthday, but a happy re-birth as well!

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