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I wonder how many of us really understand the unspoken communication we have with our animals, especially dogs and cats, who unconditionally love us and with whom we share our living space
just as the rest of our “human’ family.  I look into their eyes, listen to their noises, and watch the movements of my three dogs as they as they pass the day away.  I often think they are the only ones who look at me without judgment and feel my joy or pain like no other human can.

Sure, I purchase the food, clean up unnecessary destruction and pay
the unmentionable for vet visits, medications and a day at the
groomer; yet there is still no doubt in my mind that life without these animals would be like a day without sunshine.  Even the little, gooey tootsie roll feces I find do not deter the love that flows through me with them around.  (And, to those of you with cats, I too have had the feline fetish).  The bottom line is, dogs and cats are family and witness to what occurs within private walls, reacting to my emotional moods. It makes me wonder what they are thinking and what they would say if they could speak to us in our language.

Then, it dawned on me; they are speaking… to our spiritual side, unconditionally, giving us what we need without words. Happy or sad, they seem to know.  When the harshness of a bad day is present, they protect me; when I am joyous, their bodies jump alongside me. Even, when I take them for a walk, we walk as one. I am their protector and they are mine.  When I am in a quite mood they relax in my arms or lay at my feet endlessly until I have to get up.  THEY GET

The other day I pondered the often observed backward spelling of dog, “GOD.”   Could it be that G/d gave us these creatures so we could always have a friend in a time of need; like an emotional sideman against the sometimes, brutal human world?  G/d is Great after all.
So, no matter which Supreme Being you follow, know that somewhere there is an animal waiting to bring out the human in you and vice versa.  We share the common theme in human nature of the desire to be loved and accepted for who we are.  There is no greater
acceptance than a dog’s kiss or a cat’s purr.

So the next time you ponder what an animal would say if it could talk,
remember they have already spoken.

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