My Fairview Oak

By August 30, 2015thoughts
You tantalize my every thought
I wonder how life began
so long ago a seed begot
a woody, perennial plant?

Destiny is not your own
though roots are planted deep
Your foundation sustains all men
growing with each dream.

Leaves blossom in life’s folds
Abandoned choice to live or die
Man is god as he hears your cry.

Await the sun, silhouette the moon
Pray for water, tremble with the wind
Still, in awe of you I stare.

Eternal rings adorn your body
how graceful a stem becomes;
Showered with branches
Intertwined, your life is but a braid.

To color dreams for others only longing
your courage can teach me love
your strength can steady my fall
My Fairview Oak
Yours is a tree of heaven.

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