Once again

By November 22, 2016thoughts

A sudden, intense blaze builds
From the small flame of friendship
Found along the path where one lonely spark loomed
Left behind from
Aged, burned scars
Of a failed relationship
Time heals, taking chances, starting over
Once again
On Fire, their love becomes anew
Passion, Hope, Promises
Flames abounding through the sky
But the fire quickly settles
And the friendship hides in the shadows
Leaving more scars left to burn
Once again
The heart begs, but
The fire is set to dim
Dreams turn to ashes
There is nothing left to burn
But the lonely spark remains
Once again
Lovers try to kindle a
friendship with a date and
surface words.
Ending with a kiss, one
Flame is found within the ash
Quiet not to kick around the soot
So not to kill the ember
that may again become a
promise of an intense glow
Once Again.

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