Just Trust Yourself

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I woke up today, thinking about the power of self-trust.  Through months and months of introspection, days and nights without sleep, I can’t help but wonder why I have had such limited power to trust in myself.   I finally think I have figured it out. Curiously, I wonder, what does happen when one starts to live their true self?  Definitely, fear sets in.  How do you become the person you were born to be?   It feels as though I have spent most of my life trying to do what is expected of me, knowing that stepping out of my role would cause great consternation on the parts of people around me.  By trusting in myself, I may expose the somber existence that others are still clinging to. Why do I have the need to get approval and justification for making big decisions for myself?  Am I seeking counsel from others as a way to seek encouragement or validation?  Or have I been seeking the ability to blame someone else’s instincts just in case something goes wrong with my decisions?  But, I realize, relying on spiritual leaders, psychotherapists, or my friends to help me “decide” just makes me more...
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