The Committee

By July 15, 2015thoughts
This committee that lives within my head
They are always talking,
words just spinning, never stopping
My thoughts, my dreams, and all my fears
Each member, telling me something I don’t want to hear
I try to slow my mind and block out the sounds
But deep within, all I face is the committees’ expounds
I inhale, slowly and quiet my breathing to a calm.
But the noise keeps coming and I just want to rearm.
My heart is beating fast
The committee needs to stop.
I breathe in life
Then feel it go.
My mind becomes numb
Yet my tears I succumb
I can’t remember when I felt safe
Days, months, years?
This committee that lives within my head
But now, I can stop their noise; fire them all
Keeps me safe from my truth
And trust the pain.

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