The Lid Is Stuck On The Pot!

By March 14, 2018blog

I am the raging and boiling water within a pot; with my pressure being slowly released, preventing the cover from moving in the slightest.  I can’t release the lid of my mind from the boiling pot of myself.  I have become my own pressure cooker.  I am at a raging boil, bubbles in a pot, unable to think, move or breathe, the cover is there to protect me from the outside world, while I boil away, all my energy being released into this closed, stifling and oppressive cage.

The fire has been on for a while and I hadn’t even noticed. Water boils so fast when you don’t look.  But, if you don’t peak inside the pot to check on the water, the lid is bound to get stuck.  And, there I am.  There’s got to be an easier way than fighting the lid.  Then, I realize, it is as easy as turning down the flame on the stove.  The fire doesn’t have to be a continuous, roaring rage to keep the water boiling.  I can turn the flame down to medium and keep myself bubbling, just not so hard, not so fast.  Relax a little, calm the steam within. Then, slowly, the lid comes off. Nothing must be resolved this very minute; my life doesn’t have to be a boiling caldron. Things don’t all have to be done today; decisions, self-inflicted deadlines, things I just can’t fix.  Heck, I can turn the heat back up anytime I want.

Like the water, I can simmer for a while and come back to a boil in a moment’s time.  It’s about finding the balance; keeping the pot boiling, but not boiling over.  Keep the lid on when I need to protect myself, boil for a while and release myself when I reach that perfect fever pitch; keeping myself contained and letting myself go all at the same time; the best of both worlds. We all have to balance these things in life.  The key is knowing that we have the control. We can come to raging boil and cool down to a simmer any time we choose. So, next time you are boiling over, simply turn the flame down, take the lid off and just let go!