“The Presence of 2018!”

By January 1, 2018blog

So, look at the time, look at the date… It’s getting late and for me, I’m thinking about the end of one year and the beginning of a new year and I’m feeling super excited, a bit uneasy and melancholic… all at the same time. I can’t help but get caught up in the joys and sadness’s within my memories, rituals, and celebrations over the past 365 days.

But, the more I think about the beginning of a New Year, the word, “anticipation,” comes to mind because, as we all know, the past is history and the future is a mystery. They call the “present” a gift, which is why they say it is “the present.” Is that a coincidence? When I think of the gifts I have been given over the past year, I realize that what I’ve unwrapped are the adventures of my life and the memories that go along with them; some great, some not so great.

So, as I ring in 2018, I finally know what my resolution will be and I’m not talking about the promise of going to the gym (lol if you know me) or eating less French fries or cutting down on my sugar consumption (yep, that’s me too!). I resolve to acknowledge my “presents” as they arrive in my “presence.” I will not be stagnant, as that would be the enemy of passion and living a full life. I promise myself to unwrap and embrace the present moment in peace and with honesty and gratitude.

I will create new memories, and it’s all right if some are gloomy or not the exact way that I “wanted” or “planned” for them to be. After all, experiences come in all different shapes and sizes; sad, happy, confusing and glorious. I will learn from the “presents” I am given in the moment, even if I don’t like them or they are the wrong size. I will know that any negative or positive experiences happened for a reason, even if I totally don’t understand why. Yes, I will appreciate my gifts.

May 2018 be one of world “presence” and may we all unwrap life’s gifts to the fullest.

With Love, Stacey Dorenfeld