The Twenty-Four No Complaining Challenge

By February 17, 2015recommends

About a month ago I was challenged to be a better listener to specific people in my life whom I don’t usually have much patience with.  Needless to say, it has been an interesting month…


One of the things I realized is that certain people love to complain.  Most people do not even realize that they are complaining.  And not only that, they seem to complain about the same thing over and over and over so that it has become second nature.

I questioned myself during this original challenge of becoming a better listener.  Was I one of the same people who whined about the same thing over and over and did I complain about things that really were not worthy of a complaint?  Was I living in gratitude or blame?

I decided to make a new challenge for myself.  I put on a big, red rubber band.  And for the next thirty days I wore my rubber band like a bracelet and each time I found myself complaining or blaming someone or something I would switch the band from one wrist to the other.  Without really tattling on myself, I must say, I changed the rubber band more than I wanted to, but far less than I expected.

I challenge you to do the same.  Pay attention to the amount of times you switch your rubber band during the day.  In about a week, I promise, you will catch yourself and the wake-up call you are going to receive will rivet your mindfulness.  Realize that with each complaint you make, your attitude worsens and you send negative energy into the universe.  Once you understand this, soon you will begin to appreciate all of the things you are blessed with.

Happiness comes when we put the brakes on our complaining about the problems we have and put the gas on the problems we don’t have!

So, take this challenge and send me your results in the contact sections of the website.  Let’s see how we do together!

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