Where Did All The Leaves Go?

By October 5, 2017blog

From a deep slumber, I woke to the sounds of soft, falling rain.  As I looked out the window where the sun usually shines through, the darkness of the morning startled my senses.  Where had that grand yellow star gone?  Where were the puffy, white clouds that showed patterns of birds and rabbits?  And where did all the leaves go?  And then it hit me; we are beginning a new season.

But what is autumn all about, I wondered?  I suppose it’s a time for us to change with the season as well and appreciate everything we have been given through the year.   As we leave behind summer, we “falI” into autumn where we see leaves begin to change color, going from green to red, to yellow, and to brown; finally to drop from the trees and become one with the earth.   Although branches become bare from the wind, acorns fall, spreading their seeds so that new trees can begin to grow in the springtime.  Birds begin to migrate south, where the weather is warmer.  Our larger friends even hibernate.   So, we come to one with the earth and the ground, the animals and the maker of it all.  A fine reminder of the grace of being part of this fantastic world; another chance to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the earth, of people and of our personal journeys.

Autumn has always been my favorite season, I was always hoping for change to come and deliver me to a new place. As I grow older, I now know that the change of the season is a prompt for us to change. I now see autumn as an opportunity for growth.  It’s as though the death of the leaves is just a metaphor for the wonderful secrets that lie ahead after the cold rain hits.  It’s a chance to understand, to appreciate and to share the bounties of the year. Even though we see the end of bright sunny days, we begin to appreciate the simplicity of it all.  So perfect, so sublime, yet, so meaningful.

Could it be that the seasons are a map for us to check in on our growth as a person?  Perhaps, a “spiritual calendar” so to speak. Autumn, to clean and take account, winter to hunker down and reconnect, spring to rejuvenate and summer to sweat out the residual bad things that have built up over the year.  The cycle of life.

So, upon careful consideration, I realize the fall is a time for reflection.  As we rake the leaves, making room for winter and spring, I realize that I am making room to renew and start again.  So, here we go; what are we going to do to fall into the next season?  What are we looking for?  Who will we become?  What changes will we make for a better tomorrow?